How to attract a young public for classical music? Adam Szabo @Mr_Szabo, co-founder and CEO of the Manchester Collective @manc_collective, has started a blog titled ‘A younger audience for classical music’.

Pierrot Lunaire by Manchester Collective for a young audience

You can learn how important it is to have a fancy twitter adres. And that only 2% (!) of UK’s classical going public in 2017 was under 25. Adam finally suggests that there are 7 aspects of importance that matter when creating classical experiences for a younger audience: brand, digital communication, diversity of venues, the narrative, the human element, reshaping the core-offerings and experience at the core of the concert-design.

I recommend to follow his blog. It is definitely inspiring as he is talking from conviction AND experience.

Adam is also one of the panel-members present at the MCICM‘s first symposium titled ‘Rehearsing Orchestral Innovation‘ in Maastricht/ The Netherlands end of march 2019.

The blog can be found here. Adam can be contacted via adam(ad)

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