Vanessa Thorp wrote an article in the Guardian recently titled ‘ Young turn to classical music to escape noise of modern life‘. According to Thorp research in the UK has shown “clear indications of new listening trends, with almost half (45%) of young people saying they see classical music as an escape from the noise of modern life.”

A selection of Scala Radio’s presenters

As it turns out this was a decisive reason to start @Scala Radio a radio channel that will offer classical music to a young audience. Scala Radio will be launched on March 4, 2019. The channel “promises to provide thelistener with the modern experience. With a huge rise in immersive music events – from movies with a live orchestral soundtrack to re-imagined classical concerts playing Ibiza classics or Prince – music lovers are enjoying classical music in a whole different way. The appetite for the genre is growing, with breakthrough classical artists appearing at the Royal Wedding, The Proms, and winning mainstream TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent. Scala Radio is for those that love classical music, and lead a modern life.”

Are we really entering a period in which hipsters will listen to Bruckner and Mozart? Life can indeed be exciting…

A direct link to Vanessa Thorp’s article can be found here. A link to Scala Radio can be found here.

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