You know who it is, don’t you?

We see that young people today are looking for a ever wider variety of experiences. For inspiration they are searching for a range of offers from very different social and cultural contexts, unknown to earlier generations. One one condition: The experience has to be authentic. It must be the real treat.

This insight triggered the introduction of the Bucketlist Concerts at philharmonie zuidnederland. This new series aims at a young public between 20 and 30 in the region Maastricht and Eindhoven/ The Netherlands. It offers the young individual a place to find out how it feels to embrace the symphonic masterworks. A Bucketlist Concert means: Only symphonic masterworks that you have to have heard at least once in your life qualify.

I think the composers name starts with B, not?

How is it done? Bucketlist Concerts are chosen from the regular concerts in a given season. The young public is received at the entrance and sits together it the concerthall. They share the concert-experience together with their peergroep. And still, they are part of the total audience – which usually is much older After the concert there is a get together with a free drink.

The philharmonie’s marketeer Roxanne Doyen has developed this series. She gave a lot of attention to the way she wanted to market the Bucketlist Concerts. For every concert a special visual advertising line has been developed that starts with an iconic picture of the composer, and that is translated in a playful and cheerful way to the here and now. The orchestra advertises the series via social media using the most sophisticated technology available. F.e. only young people within the age group in the area Eindhoven and Maastricht can see the advertisements on Facebook or Instagram. And if course, pricing is an issue. philharmonie zuidnederland makes it an easy choice as the entry prices is just 10,- Euro’s including a free drink.

The second concert in February ’19 hit the spot already and attracted about a hundred young attendees per concert that had not attended a concert by philharmonie zuidnederland before.A selection of dances from Prokovief’s Rome and Juliet was played. Together with Bernstein’s Girl Crazy and the Dutch premiere of Stefano Bollani’s piano concert no. 2: The Concerto Azzuro. And the reactions were positive. They want to come again and bring their friends.

For me, that is very promising. To be followed up…

Here is a link to the Bucketlist Concerts in Dutch.

The next Bucketlists Concerts including Berlioz Symphony Fantastique are presented under the titel “No Beats but Berlioz” on April 5 in Maastricht and April 6 in Eindhoven.

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